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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  December 13, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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next on abc 7 news at 6:00, we're keeping an eye on two massive demonstrations in the bay area as thousands of people take to the streets. plus students disturbed today. >> and enjoy the dry weekend. rain's coming back to the bay area. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. right now, sky 7 hd is live above oakland. hundreds of protestors there and in san francisco are on the move right now. good evening. abc 7 news reporter is live on his cell phone in oakland with a look at the protest at this
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hour. sergio? >> reporter: we have been following this group for the last hour and a half or so. and it's been boisterous. they've been wandering through the streets. the police are paralleling them on side streets. they are going to monitor and facilita facilitate. they're just marching along so far. this is a much smaller group than we saw earlier in the day. i want to show you a little bit of video from probably about half an hour ago. this is video from sky 7 earlier. the group was huddled under the overpass of the freeway. they stayed there for about half an hour or so. we saw them stages someone of a die in which is something we've
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seen in these ongoing protests. earlier in the day, we did see a rally at the plaza and a few people jumping on cars in traffic. police say that they only have one incident so far of a window on a car broken out. also going to show you just how large these protests were earlier in the day. this is video from sky 7 showing a much larger group. oakland police tell us they figure about 3,000 people were participating in that demonstration. it was actually about two different groups, one from berkeley, another one from oakland and they met for a while. now coming back live, i want to show you now as this continuing group, though, this is probably about 300 people that continue their march through the streets of oakland. we're going to keep tabs on how things are going. so far, loud, but peaceful.
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reporting live, abc 7 news. >> the protest in san francisco has also spread out across the city. lisa joins us live on the phone with more. lisa? >> reporter: we're in the mission district. this group has really [ inaudible ] -- distance but the entire thing started around 2:00 this afternoon. thousands of peop were in the street on market heading down towards union square. they kept going and ended at the plaza. there's a very large police presence. sheriff's deputies were there. they were armed. but at that point, things were very peaceful. there were a lot of speakers. there were a lot of people expressing sympathy and their views on what's been happening in their country and people who
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were locally saying they were victims of violence at the hands of police officers. the entire event ended around 5:00 and the group started to leave. there were also families there. but at that point, several hundred people left civic center plaza, educated down ellis and ended over at union square and they were an group according to a lot of witnesses. they were chanting and yelling at police officers. officers did follow them the entire route. they stopped in front of westfield mall. that's were there were some shopkeepers that closed up temporarily while the protestors were there. and then the marchers continued down market street. they eventually ended up here in
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the mission district. they're now heading down valencia. it's really not clear where this group is going. there are probably two to 300 people who are here. they are very outnumbered by san francisco police. there are a lot more officers than protestors. they have been peaceful as well. just a light of signs, a lot of chanting, a lot of upset people still about what has been going on. as far as the message, it continues to be the same with regards to what they claim is police brutality. these folks still seem to be marching and have not revealed when they're going to stop. police do seem like they're going to keep following them and giving them the right of way until they eventually decide to stop. live in the mission district, abc 7 news. >> lisa, thank you for that and for your tweets as well keeping us up to date.
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the bay area protests are among many across the nation today. thousands of people marched down 5th avenue in new york city today holding a big banner that says black lives matter. michael brown's parents were in this massive but peaceful crowd. both families are urging lawmakers to pass a law allowing federal prosecutors to take over in cases like theirs. a shocking display at u.c. berkeley today taking part in a demonstration. lillian kim is live with the story. lillian? >> reporter: katy, it has since been taken down, two of the three were found hanging from right here. this area has a lot of foot traffic, so it didn't take long before they were noticed. they were discovered in the
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morning. cardboard cutouts hanging from a noose and each included the words, i can't breathe. a reference to eric garner. this student's initial reaction were the immamgs are in support of the protest. >> to call attention to the eric garner case, the i can't breathe, to show anger about the lack of indictment. >> reporter: this man is chair of cal's black student union which held a demonstration there. it's unclear whether with the motive was to support or antagonize. a local pastor says it's offensive. >> the fact that no one will contribute themselves, continue to reinforce the idea that black people in this country are forced to live under the conditions of racial terror.
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>> reporter: it's not reflective of our values at u.c. berkeley. they are disturbing images and we will do everything we can to identify a suspect and fully prosecute that person. a berkeley resident grew up in the south, she saw the images online and came to campus in case students needed comfort. >> it means too much and unfortunately a lot of people don't understand what a destructive image and what a horrible history lynching was. >> their using it was yet another reason to bring attention to their cause. abc 7 news. it is a dry weekend. but that's going to change next week. taking a live look, clouds remain in the sky, but there's no rain after several days of heavy downpours. when the rain will return and a look at live doppler 7 hd. >> as early as tomorrow night.
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right now, we're just seeing a lot of cloud cover. starting tomorrow at about 7:00, we're still under cloud cover, increasing clouds throughout the afternoon. 10:00, we'll start to see rainfall along the peninsula coast and also parts of the north bay. looks like the heaviest rain will start to move in late monday morning to lunch time. you see the areas of red or rather orange and yellow. then it tapers off tomorrow afternoon. now, we could see up to a couple inches in some areas. i'll let you know when you can expect to hit your neighborhood, the rain to hit your neighborhood and how much you can expect plus more rain in the seven-day forecast coming up. and happening now, the russian river is receding. the river is now 6 feet below flood stage. yesterday, it crested 1 foot above flood stage. the river overflowed its banks causing a lot of flooding in
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homes. you can see what's showing up any time with the abc 7 news weather app. it is freon apple's app store or google play. also more information on developing now in san francisco, two people hurt after a truck lost control going down a hill. witnesses say the safeway delivery truck was coming down 21st street when they say it looked like the truck may have lost its brakes. the truck hit one car on the road and three parked cars before crashing into a building. still ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00, the u.s. government nearly had another partial shutdown tonight. and a mysterious fire ball seen in the sky ab
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democrats and republicans on capitol hill reached an agreement to hold a final vote in just a few hours on a $1 trillion spending plan. the senate agreed to a vote in a rare saturday session. it comes after they approved a temporary funding agreement that would keep the government running through wednesday. the $1.1 trillion spending bill
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provides funds through september 30th, which is the end of the current budget year. a classified defense satellite is headed to space on board one of the most powerful rockets ever launched in california. it blasted off near santa barbara last night. the 20-story rocket has more than 2 million pounds of liftoff thrust, the most ever in their 55 years. it's carrying a satellite believed to help with intelligence gathering. many people took to social media wondering about a fire ball in the sky. coming up next, an unprecedented collaboration around the world puts together the first family tree for birds. how the extensive list is shedding light on biology research. and rain is headed back to the bay area.
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the 2014 heisman trophy handed out today. melvin gordon,
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we're following a police protest in oakland. this is a lyeook right now. it is mostly peaceful. 're hearing now that at least one car's windows have been
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broken. right now they're ming through down town. there was also agroup gathering in san francisco. we're following both. stay with us for updates. hundreds of scientists from all over the world have mapped an evolutionary tree so complete one scientist calls it mind-blowing. they tpped into the jns of bird species and had the data arranged into a family tree. falcons are more closely related to parrots than eagles or hawks. also that penguins have a gene similar humans. the findings are extensive and will lead to new research for years. all right. let's get a check of the forecast now. bay ea certainly seen its share of rain and more is on the way. >> yes. get those umbrellas redy. live doppler 7 hd showing us extensive cloud cover around the
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bay area. we've had a great start to the rainy season. san francisco, 175% above normal or of normal. so we've had over 10 inches, but thedroughs not over. snow pack is only at 40%. we've got a way to go. in terms of rainfall amounts, since wednesday afternoon, over 6 inches in some locations like the north bay and the mountains and oakland got over 4 inches. we're going to get a few more inches in the next couple days. for nnow, though, enjoy this viw looking out west towards san francisco. calm anduiet conditions over the bay right now. temperatures mainly in the low to mid-50s. oakland at 52. and this time, we're looking down from the tower wards san francisco and the bay bridge. the rain starts late tomorrow night, monday morning could be a
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messy commute. then we have more rain in the forecast tuesday and wednesday. so it looks like another wet week ahead. high pressure builds and this allowed us to stay dry today. before this next sysm drops south and we're going to see it late tomorrow night into monday morning and even monday afternoon. then it leaves monday night. rainfall amounts over 24 hours from sunday night to monday night, anywhere from a quarter to two inches of rain expected. the darker green shows whe we can probably get the most rain, along parts of the coast and peninsula. even though it's only two inches, the ground's already saturated so we could easily see more mud slides over night lows in the 40s. look for fog to delop in the cooler spots. we'll see the same again tomorrow as well, especiay in the central valley.
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highs tomorrow, just a touch cooler but also near normal. temperatures will be in the upper 50s to near 60. look for 60 in san jose. now i have time to sw you the long-term forecast tuesday looks like some rain again. not as heavy as monday morning and monday afternoon. wednesday, we could see some lingering showers. thursday's our best chance of a dry day. then check it out, another system moves in friday. so friday ll be wet. looks like saturday will be wet as well. you can see that with the seven-day forecast. so i know we've be talking about ra. it's a gat time to take advantage of the dry weher. periods of heavy rain, more rain likely tuesday. a few showers possible on wednesday. thursday, definitely dry for now. that's how it looks. wet again friday and saturdays. >> oh, boy. hopefully everyone will be prepared. >> i think we're me prepared now. it's a good time to get the ks
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out because they've been rewinning the house. >> that's what you've heard anyway >> not mine. >> thanks francis. needs no words for the introduction. >> heisman. probably the most exclusive club in all of sports. never nominated. all right. the 80th trophy handed out today in new york. candidates. they can never take this one away from you. wisconsin runningback melvin gordon. alabama amari cooper, 115 catches. and oregon quaerback marcus mariota. all deserving and the winner is -- >> the winner of the 2014 heisman memorial trophy is marcus mariota of the university of oregon. >> oregon quarterback marcus
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mariota, the first player ev from oregon to win the heisman. 38 touchdowns, only two interceptio interceptions. leading oregon to the pac 12 title. ducks will face florida state. marcus like all winners is stunned d overcome with emotion. >>ords can't express how much it has meaned to me. i'm trulygrateful to have you guys in my life. mom and dad, thank you for your love and sharing that with me and matt. we're truly grateful. god bless and go ducks. >> wow. all right. 114 into the army navy game. army scored first. hopeing to end this 12-game losing strea with a 7-0 lgue. navy answers.
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reynolds rolls outfinds tillman. up 10-7 in the fourth. dives in for six more. navy wins it. >> well, the warriors band wag is filling up. they hit the road starting today in dallas. with the win, 15 straight and nine straight on the road. warriors jump out to a 16-point fit quarter lead. he had 29. up 26n the second. former warrior misses. to klay thompson. jams home s two. former warrior, ellis led the mavs. knocks down the contest three. he passes to tyson chandler. he had 12 and 11. warriors up 13 in the third.
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loses a sho stephs tos it out of the way and back. swatted by chandler into the first row. one-handed lay up and on. the warriors win 105-98. look at this play. they are 12th team in the nba to start the season 20-2. >> we've kept our composure for the most part and really held strong in t second half when they gave it all they had. big win for us. >> stanford hosting denver. cardinals coming in with a 4-2 record. fires the three. oneers up 25-17 at the half. stanford fights back in the second. anthony brown a game high 17 off the bench. coast to coastff the steal and one. they'll hang onto win 49-43. this abc 7 sports report brought this abc 7 sports report brought what's possible today?
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20. there will be more than a hundred meteors shooting through the sky each hour through the night. and then at 11:00 here on channel 7, it could be one of the strictest smoking bans around. the bay area city considering a change and what it will mean for smokers. that's going to do it for us here at 6:00. thanks for watching and we leave you with a look from sky 7 hd over a protest in oakland. a similar scene over san francisco. we're keeping an eye on both and we'll have uptes for you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00.
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. coming up today on intelligence for your life. we spend all day looking at our smart phones. so it was bound to happen. people are being treated at the chiropractor for the dreaded text neck. the situation is so bad, there's an app that will make you hold your phone a little higher. speaking of smart phones, it might be the germiest thing we own. it's not a bad thing. we'll tell you why your bacteria cannot hurt you. be careful when you hand it to a friend. also, you want to make a good first impression? learn how to pause and listen. new research on the power of listening. when you master it, you'll be more powerful and likeable. those stories and more coming up today on intelligence for your life.


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